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Our Zones are at the core of what Scholar Athletes is all about. In all of the schools we partner with, we create dedicated learning centers that are designed to support and encourage academic excellence, and serve as a hub of resources for Zone members. The Zones are staffed, managed and funded by Scholar Athletes, and are available for use during the day and after-school for students in grades 9-12, free of charge.

Scholar Athletes is the only school-based partner organization in Massachusetts with dedicated space in each of the schools we partner with.

Scholar Athletes employs school-based staff who work directly with Zone members. These Program Coordinators and Program Assistants are responsible for delivering SA programming, managing the Zone and mentoring Zone members.

In order to hold Zone members accountable for their actions, Zone Member Expectations are outlined from the moment they arrive to the Zone. This accountability measure contributes to both a positive and productive environment for all of our Zone members.

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The Scholar Athlete of the Month (SAOTM) is selected in all 22 Zones each month. The SAOTM is a dedicated Zone member who exemplifies positive leadership qualities among peers. This individual is constantly working to improve themselves and encourages other Zone members to do the same.

The goal of the College Corner is to serve as the “go-to” resource for college and career planning information for our Zone members. SA’s Program Coordinators strive to show Zone members all that is within their reach, including information and advice on vocational training, public service organizations such as AmeriCorps, as well as Military careers.

Scholar Athletes is the hub of information for Zone members for everything from academics to athletics. Our Zones have the latest information on all game schedules to help Zone members manage their busy lives.

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Scholar Athletes Zone Locations

Scholar Athletes has 22 locations across the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Click on the maps below to see detailed information on current locations!

18 Locations in Greater Boston Area

4 Locations in Springfield Area