Alumna Profile: Juliane

From the Zone to her first semester at college

Since middle school, Juliane had a passion for playing basketball. When she got to high school and made the basketball team, she was thrilled, but also concerned about balancing her coursework and the responsibilities of being an athlete. In her freshman year, despite trying to study on the bus to games and making time for homework on the weekend, she began to fall behind in her Honors Algebra class.

Joining the Zone at East Boston High School changed that. When Juliane started attending the Scholar Athlete Zone, she worked diligently with her Program Coordinator to create study plans and manage her time. Her work paid off, and she not only was able to stay on the basketball team, but she also joined the volleyball team, all while earning straight A’s in a course schedule that included Honors Pre-calculus and Advanced Placement English. With the mentorship and guidance she received in the Zone, she was even able to take on the responsibility of being captain of both the basketball and volleyball teams.

For Juliane, playing sports isn’t just a hobby. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with a skin disease and faced significant bullying in school. It affected her mood, her grades, and her attempts to make new friends. Entering high school brought on new anxieties about her appearance and how she would navigate a new school community. Exceling in sports and school was a way to rise above this insecurity, and the courage and confidence she showed on the court spread to her interactions with peers.

Juliane graduated high school with an exceptional grade point average of 5.02, and with the help of her SA Program Coordinator, she got into eight of the eleven colleges she applied to. Her own experiences have led her to consider pursuing a nursing career, and she plans to explore a number of opportunities in health sciences during college.

Juliane is the first in her family to go to college, and her parents could not be more proud of her. Despite the fact that neither of her parents had the opportunity to attend high school in their native country of Brazil, they always instilled in Juliane the importance of finishing high school and going to college. Juliane’s hard work paid off, and her dreams of attending college became very real this past spring, when she received a four-year academic scholarship to attend Regis College through a partnership between Regis and Scholar Athletes.

With her parents and the entire SA family cheering her on, she started her first semester as a college student this fall.