Don’t let COVID-19 get in the way of success

Giving Tuesday Now offers us a second chance to save this school year.

This time of year, our Zone members are usually heading into the year-end celebrations that mark their success and start the next phase of their academic careers: standing at the limelight at allSA awards, sharing hugs and tears during scholarship reveals, and accepting a high school diploma at graduation. COVID-19 has threatened what so many young people have given so much to achieve.

But our Zone members haven’t given up, because we’ve made our Zone programming available remotely, quickly pivoting to what we call Zone at Home. That means the coaching, mentorship and academic partnership that is keeping our Zone members on track, supported by a team of Scholar Athletes program staff working closely – while socially distant – with Zone members.

No one understands resilience and discipline like our Zone members – and they are using those skills now. But in order for this to continue, we urgently need your support today to power through this upended school year. 


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