Zone Member Spotlight: Levar Goes D-1

It has been more than 10 years since a male athlete went directly from a Boston Public School to a Division 1 college basketball program on scholarship.

Levar in action with the Jeremiah E. Burke Varsity Basketball team.

This coming fall, Levar Williams is going to change that.

This past November, Levar signed an offer to play college basketball at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. The Hyde Park native became the first male basketball athlete from the Jeremiah E. Burke to earn a Division 1 college scholarship.

Levar’s work ethic is probably his most recognizable trait.  His coach, Sean Ryan, captured it best saying “[Williams] is a kid who has been in the gym every morning before and after school… Everybody who plays has passion, his was just at another level.” A multi-year Boston City League All-Star, Levar has consistently performed at the highest level throughout his high school career.

Here with his new Highlanders gear, Levar will always be a Burke Bulldog.


Levar has shown that he’s not just a leader on the court, but in the classroom as well. Despite the busy schedule of being a student-athlete, Levar has logged over 200 Zone hours in his high school career. This past year, he volunteered as a referee for the entire season of Scholar Athletes intramural basketball at the Burke.  Always leading by example, he continues to mentor younger Zone members and stay involved in the SA community.  We are proud to call Levar a Zone member and can’t wait to cheer him on as a college freshman this fall.



Levar with Zone staff, Tyler and Chanise, at his signing event in November 2018.


Content provided by Tyler Barros, SA Program Assistant at the Burke Zone; quote sourced from Boston Globe coverage