Boston Marathon: Team SA 2019

Meet Team SA!

These 15 amazing runners will represent Scholar Athletes along the 26.2-mile course from Hopkinton to Copley Square.




Geoffrey is from Ferndale, MI. He is an experienced marathon runner and has completed over 20 marathons in his life. He wanted to join Team SA because he benefited as a child from a similar program in his school. Now with a successful career as a professional chef, Geoffrey is looking for a way to give back.





Sarah is from Cambridge, MA and is looking to complete her first marathon. Sarah has been an athlete her entire life and has played competitive tennis since the age of 6. She wants to run for Team SA because she learned a lot of great characteristics through athletics. Characteristics including trust, loyalty, mutual respect, accountability, and love. Her goal is to support Scholar Athletes in order to provide these same qualities to the next generation.



Manny, a Boston native, is looking to complete her first marathon with Team SA. Manny has always admired organizations that use athletics to help the youth. She volunteers at the Boston Green Academy Zone and built a love and passion for the kids she serves. Manon and her family are longtime supporters of the organization and her involvement in the marathon cannot be a better fit.




Boston native, Thomas is gearing up for his second Boston Marathon. Thomas was a 2-sport division 1 athlete. He was named a member of the Metrowest Daily News Scholar Athlete Super Team for track and field. His experience taught him the value of sports and provided him numerous opportunities. He is running for Scholar Athletes because he wants to provide those same opportunities for the next generation of youth.




Ahmed is from Kuwait. He is an experienced marathon runner who is actively changing the sports culture in Kuwait. He founded a running organization and is working to increase the popularity of running and athletics in general in Kuwait. He is running for Team SA to support athletics and to show the world that Kuwait is willing to help future generations. Ahmed hopes to receive support from other countries in the future.




Molly is from North Haven, CT. This will be her first marathon. Molly was a student-athlete at Boston College. Sports, in general, gave her experiences and skill sets that enabled her to graduate school and get into Med School. As a fourth year Med-student and future pediatrician, Molly is running to support Boston’s youth and give them the same opportunity as she had.




Yulian of Little Rock, AR has completed 20 marathons. Yulian works as a Research Associate at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science. His work consists of cancer research for children. Yulian’s passion is to see children live healthy and fulfilled lives. He chose to run for Scholar Athletes to increase the opportunities for youth to be healthy and happy.






Maria is from League City, TX.  Maria joined Team SA mainly because she values youth development. She currently supports students in her hometown high school in the Philippines. Additionally, she works closely with the mayor in her town in Texas to increase opportunities for their youth. After completing the Boston Marathon, Maria will have completed the 6 Abbott World Marathon circuit. She will officially become a six star finisher!





Erin is from Nashua, NH.  She ran track in college and has experience running races of all kinds. Erin joined Team SA because the values and skills she uses today were gained through her experiences with sports.  Those experiences guided her through high school and college and prepared her academically. Knowing the benefits she gained from sports, Erin is supporting the next generation of youth to have the same experience.






Katharine, of Waltham, MA, is running her first marathon! She is a special ed teacher who also provides Crossfit classes that include youth from all different circumstances. Katherine joined Team SA because she first-hand witnesses the positive impact athletics has on youth health, wellness, and overall connection to the community.






Mikko, of Cambridge, MA was a distance runner in high school and college. This gave him the discipline to get through school and helped him to plan and think for the future. He has completed marathons in Philadelphia, Boston, Tokyo, and New York. Mikko values the mission of SA because it incorporates both academics and athletics. Mikko is running for Scholar Athletes because it combines his passion for running with his passion of academics.  







Jennifer joins Team SA from New York City! She has run marathons in New York, London, and Berlin. Jennifer is an avid runner but supporting charities whiles she runs is her passion.  Jennifer brings that passion to Team SA. She had a lot of opportunities in her life and wants to give those same opportunities to the youth.






Father and son, Will and Theo, are from London, England.  Will went to Harvard and knows the Greater Boston area very well. Will believes in the benefits of athletics and the importance of education. He is looking forward to running the marathon with his son on behalf of Scholar Athletes.

This is Theo’s first marathon. He is a senior at the Groton Academy and wants to finish with a major impact. As an athlete himself, he understands the benefits of athletics. He is excited to complete his first marathon alongside his father in support of Scholar Athletes.



Joe is from Scottsdale, AZ and is an experienced runner and swimmer. He has many athletic achievements including a role as a former professional triathlete. He is a Hawaii Ironman World Champion, an Open Water Marathon Swimmer, a Lake Forest College Athletic Hall of Famer, and Founder of Swim Neptune. During his “day job,” Joe spends time coaching high school-aged swimmers. Besides teaching them how to compete, he encourages his team to work hard athletically and academically. He is excited to run the Boston Marathon for the second time and support even more youth.