“We have seen a direct correlation between athletics and academic achievement. Giving these young adults the additional support and resources they deserve, on and off the field, is truly a game-changer.”

Terrence, Tech Boston Academy Program Coordinator

“The Zone has become a second home to me. I’m more focused on my school work because of my time in the Zone and I’m building bonds with my teammates.”

Ashley, Madison Park Zone Member

“To me the Zone is a place that I go to whenever I need a person to talk to… a place to work outside of the classroom – it’s definitely my first choice of where to go. There’s always a quiet environment for students to get their work done.”

Izaiah, Putnam Academy Zone Member

“Intramurals are a place where I feel as if I can be myself…I feel safe at Intramurals because my mom doesn’t have to worry about me being in the streets or playing at another court somewhere.”

Marqueis, J.E. Burke Zone Member