Scholar Athletes Statement on Racial and Social Justice

All Black Lives Matter.

Scholar Athletes condemns the recent murders of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Sean Reed, and Breonna Taylor. We denounce racism, policy brutality, and the ongoing persecution of the Black community – systemic problems that have been reinventing themselves for centuries.

SA was founded to build equity for those who have long been disenfranchised by institutionalized racism and economic inequality. We stand in solidarity with the young people we serve, who are among the targets of police brutality and racism, as well as our staff members and partners who share these lived experiences. As an organization committed to reducing the opportunity gap through academics and athletics, we have always leveraged the power of sports to build cross-cultural relationships, create channels for advocacy, and unite despite our many differences.

We are committed to being actively anti-racist and dismantling white supremacy. This work needs to be done each and every day – not just now, and not just when it’s convenient. At Scholar Athletes that means creating safe spaces, decreasing implicit bias and increasing cultural competency, amplifying the voices of young people, and building pathways to opportunity for marginalized communities. It includes affecting policy change, especially with regard to police accountability, criminal justice reform, and equitable access to education and health.

We are dedicated to empowering a generation of future leaders that is informed and equipped to work towards the ideals of equity and inclusion. We are not in this alone, and we commit to working with partners, supporters, and communities to create a more equitable and just future for all.

This statement was co-created by the Scholar Athletes team on June 4, 2020.