Stay in shape with these home exercise moves

We can’t wait to get back into the Zone with you as soon as it’s safe to get together. Our teams in the Zone know all about dedication, perseverance and discipline. Just because we can’t work on our goals together in the same place doesn’t mean our drive to succeed stops. We may be social distancing, but we still share our goals. Keeping our bodies moving with home exercise is one way we can practice maintaining a healthy wellness routine, no matter where we are.

These indoor workout suggestions require no special equipment — just comfortable clothes, some water to stay hydrated, and a few minutes. We’ll keep sharing our faves for you to try at home!

Stair Stepping

This one is a great home exercise, even without stairs! Find the biggest book you own (or a sturdy chair), and practice firmly stepping up and down. Place it in front of the TV, watch your favorite show, and you won’t notice the time pass! You’ll work up a sweat while building stability strength in your legs and core.

Power Plank

The time-efficient plank gets it done in less time when you want to build up core muscles. Get into a push-up position, but instead of bending your arms and moving down towards the floor, hold the position with your arms extended. Or, vary your position by resting on your elbows with your wrists parallel. Start by off holding the position for 30 seconds, and add an additional 10 seconds every day. See how long you can go for – it’s worth sticking with this one, as you’ll build up strength and time faster than you think! This can be one of the most challenging exercises, but it’s also one of the of the best for your core.

Get into the Groove

Dancing is a fun, upbeat way to enjoy music while raising your heart rate. A social distance dance party is a great way to dance like nobody’s watching — because they’re not! Put on your favorite tunes and let your body move. Or, use video conferencing to sync up with some friends and make it social. It’s good for your body — and your soul!